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10Years of successful brand The whole country322Stores continue to profit

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China is responsible for the dedicated catering operation service

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“Grant us rice noodle”Brand2006Years was established,Has stores all over the country50More than,Employees1000More than。Its has operations management center、Entrepreneurship center、The training center、Distribution center、Research and development center、Production center and marketing service management center etc,Cover the product research and development、Product production、Logistics distribution、Meal plan、Catering training、Food and beverage management、Catering to join for the center to catering industry chain。
Inheriting one thousand chicken essence,To build brand for years!Safety and health!Grant has been working hard!

Without foundation The whole shop output Profit three ingenious ways

  • Its central plant
  • Large storage refrigerator
  • Flexible location lead guest
Factory has its own theme

2100Square meters,3Fully automated production line,Collection of food production and processing、Sales、Distribution、Food and beverage service,Wholesale and retail and other integrated services center

Large storage refrigerator

Cold storage area200Square meters,Production for more than year70Copies。The existing staff50Many people,Concentrate on logistics service for you

Lead the guest balloon and site selection

Focus on site personnel choose according to brand market positioning business circle,To assess the economic benefits of each location,Security site traffic,The introduction of customers

A brand Ten years of successful experience to precipitate Locking catering business opportunities

The crowd is the sales

Shopping malls、Near the village、Near the office、Near the school···What is good profit

Double profits worth having

Can sample into the shop,Can also be online orders,Eat and takeout double hall,Flexible management,Profit doubled

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Amorous feelings taste buds

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Answering questions

QThe need to deal with business licenses?
AnswerYou need to deal with relevant certification,Including the hygiene licence、The business license、Employee health certificate, please、The tax registration certificate。……More and more
QHeadquarters is responsible for buying equipment?Whether employees unified training?
AnswerEquipment provided by the company headquarters。Store to hire staff by yourself。Headquarters is responsible for the training。Based on the operating condition and store location is different,General needs3-4Employees。……More and more
QProvide what service headquarters?
AnswerHeadquarters services including business circle evaluation、Open a shop、Personnel training、Opening tutoring、The promotion plan、Product research and development、The way of business、The delivery and so on。……More and more
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Store display

  • Datong grant
    Datong grant
  • Grant red bridge
    Grant red bridge
  • Poly metropolitan grant us
    Poly metropolitan grant us
  • Ge selling shops
    Ge selling shops
  • Big hutongs shop
    Big hutongs shop
  • Dagu road shop
    Dagu road shop
  • The city shop
    The city shop
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