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Qing-hua peng, secretary of sichuan development,Concerned with focus on silicon technology
People club department deputy director general of inductrial injury insurance department Mc-han research silicon technology
It is today,Silicon treasure anticorrosive together with the industry,Did a big deal...
For tomorrow,Silicon technology“The most growth”On...
Originality of silicon:In order to quality to create a better life
Tribute of reform and opening up40Years|National brand casting great power...
Jin Xuan starlight Silicon treasure honor
The shenzhen stock exchange into silicon technology field research
20In bloom:This one final piece of silicon technology,...

Chengdu Guibao Science & Technology Co., Ltd is China's new materials industry listed companies is the gem of organic silicon rubber industry get accredited by the state administration for industry and commerce at the room temperature“China's well-known trademarks”Enterprise...... [To check the details]
Silicon technology:A wholly owned subsidiary of received2018Industrial strength...
Silicon technology:About the announcement of the repurchase shares for the first time
Silicon technology:The progress of the announcement about repurchase of shares in a company
Guoco lawyer(Chengdu)Firm on silicon technology buy back part of the club...
Silicon technology:About the repurchase of shares of the buyback report
Silicon technology:About the company5%The above shareholders holdings co...
Silicon technology as a representative of the new material industry in China only for five consecutive years to participate in the national enterprise social responsibility report conference
Attention to vulnerable groups、To solve the employment for disabled persons
Continuous silicon treasure of science and technology staff14Year to donate blood
Good poor middle school students and college students
The first time provide employment for the disaster area
Silicon technology laboratory become the industry's first through China's conformity assessment national approval committee(CNAS)Approved by the corporate laboratories
Silicone sealant areas listed companies
It happened109International national patent
With high-level talent team in the same industry

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