• Shanghai pudong wire and cable co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprises,Dedicated toLEDDisplay system industry,In order toLEDElectronic display series products for the leading product。Set research and development、Production、Marketing、Construction installation and after-sales service as a whole。Is currently in south ChinaLEDElectronic display system is one of the professional production enterprises。

      With the development of the company in recent years,Strong technical force gradually,Many engineers have many years experience in development and production。The company relies on strong technical strength,Adhering to the“Science and technology leader、Communication cooperation、The good faith and win-win”The spirit of enterprise,Relying on strict quality management system,Continuous exploration and development in related areas,And to establish a nationwide marketing network。Our products have been widely used in the station、The square、Enterprise、The mall、Securities、The civil aviation、Railway、Sports venues、The post office、Power supply bureau、The hospital、Outdoor advertising and so on,Because of its perfect system,Design is reasonable,Stable and reliable operation,Favored by the majority of users trust and praise。Foshan days technology co., LTD in technology in a leading position,And for the application of screen opens up a wider space。

    • Based on the people-oriented development,The enlargement、To foster、Use the talent to form a good talent mechanism and achievement,Company with equal communication、Results to be Shared,To provide staff to cast to the vast space,At the same time gathered a large number of excellent talents for the company,Make the company stable、The development of high speed。

      Shanghai pudong wire and cable co., LTD., the current implementation the company business development、Administrative management、Business negotiation system management of the company,Is the first a systematic in south China、Systematic management of the enterprise,With the continuous development of industry,Shanghai pudong wire and cable co., LTD. Is an indicator of the domestic industry enterprise。

    • Enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise,Has become the enterprise long-term survival and stable development of the decisive factor。In the new era of knowledge economy,Who owns the cultural advantage,Who will have a competitive advantage,The advantage and development advantage。

    • Shanghai pudong wire and cable co., LTD. Establish a three-grade regulatory system of the quality of service,Within the enterprise take the lead to achieve the service goal of landing in China;According to the enterprise development planning objectives,Continuously improve enterprise operation and management efficiency,Enhance the brand value,Improve enterprise's influence;To establish property control system,Strengthen capital expenditure budget planning、Forward-looking,And conform to the enterprise development needs,Key for important projects involved in the business facilities after the benefit assessment,To ensure the rationality of property investment、Planning,Ensure that maximize investment returns;To build perfect network operating platform,To play“Big data”The information advantage,Improve overall operating efficiency,Create a brand image of the intensification of propaganda,Create efficient customer experience,Enhance the brand of soft power。

      The company's standard of choose and employ persons is:Have the innovation consciousness and the enterprising spirit。
      Are the company's competition mechanism:The almighty,Form for the,Under the sucker。
      Companies do all we can do it:People comfortable place,A suitable man。
      Company not only leave a person through the treatment,Companies are more willing to through career advancement opportunities,Recognition。

      Effective communication--We began to success
      Professional planning--We create the dream
      Solidarity and collaboration--We put our heads together

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