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A、The company's basic situation
  The company was founded in1966Years,Is a professional foundry production and processing enterprises。The factory covers an area of2.9Million square meters(43m),The construction area1.6Million square meters。Company existing staff260People,Including all kinds of professional and technical personnel32People,Senior engineer6People。The company set up4A department office and5A production workshop。With mold manufacturing、Casting production、Mechanical processing、Powder coating, such as integrated production and processing capacity。It can produce3Under tons of various grades of ductile and grey cast iron pieces,In casting production capacity10000Tons。
  Since the company1982Since started casting export business,Is one of the first batch of casting export enterprises in China。Passing by27Years of continuous improvement,Has reached the world standard requirements for casting processing components in the developed countries。2003The company through the yearISO9001-2000Quality system certification。
  2、The main equipment
  The company has all kinds of professional production、Testing equipment160Sets,There are mainly:
  Z148EMolding machine two;
  5Tons/A set of hours resin sand production line;A set of lost foam casting production line;...More and more

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